2018-09-13CloudCoin may trade on Binance exchange

CloudCoin is under consideration for trading on one of the world's biggest digital currency exchanges--Binance."After the successful listing on the decentralized exchange BitShares, which marks a breakthrough for CloudCoin in the world of the exchanges, we are in the process of looking to work with more exchanges to increase reach and liquidity. One of our most notable applications is listing on Binance, where CloudCoin is at 'application in progress' phase," reports CloudCoin liquidity expert Adrian Niculescu.Binance has around 7 million users and currently has the largest trading volume of any digital currency exchange.

2018-09-12Event will showcase RAIDAtech's newest RAIDA apps

RAIDAtech, a private venture to develop new applications for Sean Worthington's provisionally-patented RAIDA technology, will launch their first offerings in time for the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo (ACCE) in Las Vegas Nov. 6-8.RAIDAtech is a separate entity from the CloudCoin Consortium, although some people are involved with both. The Consortium expects RAIDAtech's success will boost the utility (and therefore value) of CloudCoin as most applications will use CloudCoins in some way.Here's a look at the first advertisement from RAIDAtech.

2018-09-11Consortium client software team busily testing

CloudCoin Consortium software development is in overdrive. Five software packages are being tested by QA chief Ivan Olsak and his teamFounders's Edition 2 for Win7, Win8.1 and Win10 was launched Sept. 1. The code for Mac and Linux versions are complete and will follow soon.Consumer Edition 1.5 should be the next release. It will improve and provide fixes to CE 1.0 and is a bridge to Consumer Edition 2.0, upon which development is simultaneously underway. CE 2.0 will feature a completely new, more user-friendly client package with an improved user experience across all platforms, according to lead developer Navraj Singh. A totally new CloudCoin client application for Android will include multi-detect functionality (to significantly improve speed) and should be released around the same time as CE 1.5. CloudCoin client software is used to authenticate, password-own ('pown'), store and transfer CloudCoins. Other new versions are in various stages of development. All Consortium downloads are available here.There is also new progress with the CloudCoin Services Java team under Ben Ward. The team's first Java program is about to be tested and go into production."The huge prospect is that Java is multi-platform, so we can reuse one program for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, even iPhone can be an option. This can eliminate the need to develop dozens of software packages," Ward said.The structure of the Consortium software team has been improved recently."We are moving into a more streamlined and efficient environment for development which will help us to release improvements quicker and improve the user experience across all software," Chris Montgomery, software development manager, said, "The goal of our client software development team is to bridge the gap between usability and functionality to create user friendly software for public distribution."

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